A Bit About Jim Stone, and Work With Flow

Are you a creative individual?

Are you an entrepreneur, writer, software developer, event coordinator, educator, engineer, artist or some similar sort? Do you pursue big creative goals (like building businesses, websites, buildings or birthday parties)?

If so, you've come to the right place.

At Work With Flow, we learn how to produce more and better creative output in less time, and with less stress, procrastination, and gnashing of teeth.

And that will allow you to leave your mark on the world SOONER, rather than later!

Glad to Meet You

My name is Jim Stone. I'm a small business owner, software developer, and academic.

I've always been drawn to doing things my own way -- for better or worse. I love big projects. I love dreaming up new software. I love dreaming up new theories, writing up new systems, making new connections between concepts, and sharing my creations with the world.

Here's a Big Problem for Creative
Types in the New Millenium

A few years back my creative aspirations (combined with my "lone wolf" nature) got me into trouble. I had too many things going on. I was finshing my Ph.D., creating two businesses, helping to raise two small children, wanting to write in areas other than my chosen field of study, and fretting over the finances.

It was overwhelming. I was paralyzed. I procrastinated, because I couldn't easily prioritize my projects. Should I make money? Should I finish my dissertation? Should I spend more time with my kids? I'd pick one goal to focus on, and the other goals would gnaw at me until I switched back.

At one point I dumped everything out of my mind and got it down in a planner, and found I had several hundred items in my mind floating around. (Honest! There's a video on the blog that shows the list)

The Cause of Our Woes

The reason creative types like us get overwhelmed like this is fairly simple. Our worlds get more complex over time, and we can't shut our minds off.

The complexity of human life on this planet has been increasing at an ever increasing rate. By some measures we've doubled our collective knowledge in the lat 10 years alone . In the early 90s I had read almost every pop science book on the shelves of the local book store. And I remember having to wait 10 years before new interesting things happened in fields like Psychology, Physics, Economoics and Biology.

Now there are interesting new books in each field that I simply must read at least 2-3 times per year -- not to mention journal articles and blog posts.

And at the individual level, the older we get, and the more experience we get, the more ideas we have. And the more ideas we have the more ways there are to combine those ideas with each other (something Matt Ridley calls "idea sex"). In fact, as the number of our ideas increase, the number of combinations increase expontentially.

Is it any wonder the pure, driven focus of youth gives way to wide-ranging distraction of the somewhat more seasoned mind?

And is it any wonder it takes longer to read stuff? Each new idea has to be tested against a much wider range of considerations than we had at our disposal just a few years back.

It feels like drinking from a fire hose at times.

The World Needs Us to Focus Our Creative Energy.

I'm sure you have at least 3-4 big goals that would make the world a better place if you could reach them.

And I'm sure you've figured out a trick or two for getting yourself to be productive and to manage the stress in your life.

In fact, you might even be better at it than I am.

I'm not setting myself up as the biggest expert in the world here.

I just want to share the things I have learned -- because I think there are many, many creative individuals who could be more productive, and get their creations out to the world faster if they knew a few tricks.

My Goals For Work With Flow

  1. Clear Minds: I want creative individuals to know how to get a clear mind and keep it clear.
  2. Less Procrastination: I want creative individuals recognize quickly when they are procrastinating, and be able to apply the right remedy at the right time, so they can get back to working with flow.
  3. Fractal Planning: I want creative individuals to understand the source of complexity in their projects and be able to plan effectively.
  4. Worthy Goals: I want creative individuals to know how to choose and state their goals, so they always have a compelling future to push towards.
  5. New Habits: I want creative individuals to be able to re-wire their habits so their habits can support their creative pursuits, rather than hinder them.
And, I want an excuse to keep studying motivational psychology!

If you're getting started, I highly recommend you get my guide "Clear Mind, Effective Action". It contains a procedure for clearing your mind that works every time I've seen it tried. And you will probably keep your mind clear most of the time going forward.

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